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August 4 2022
So I pulled 40 releases from Smashwords, some of my lease popular ones and some random other ones and I shuffled them over to be new releases through Books 2 Read. If your wondering why it's mainly because I don't write as much as I use to and I don't believe that people go looking up old releases of you especially with not writing as much as I have in the past plus I know people tend to bounce between different ebook stores as sometimes they stay with one until they dislike it then they'll find something else and abandon the old one.

With me shuffling a bunch of my releases and making them new releases and flooding the market again with any new stores my new distributor goes to at least it gives me a bunch of releases for new readers to get to know me and any old readers to rediscover me.

Now I get to sit back and relax for a bunch without stressing about the new places not seeing much from me.

Also the rest of my releases will be showing up in 2023 when they transfer automatically
July 28 2022 - Hello Dailymotion, My Old Friend
Back in the day I got frustrated and angry with YouTube so I said FUCK THEM and I moved to Dailymotion, I later was forced back to youtube due to the fact that I could only embed them on smashwords (at the time I was doing video promos/shorts for releases) Well today I signed up for Dailymotion again and I'm glad to be back, instead of having multiple channels I'm going to just focus with one. I have lots of uploading to do and so far I'm at today's daily limit and I'm not even done the old videos yet. I know I'll be missing lots of my gaming videos but that's fine.

I know as far as my gaming videos are concerned I'll have lots more in the future to post
July 28 2022 - Goodbye Google
Alright so here's the deal, google (both youtube and google books) are just being a bunch of fucking idiots over stuff. I don't understand anything on either channel anymore so I closed my youtube channels and I removed all my ebooks from the google play store. If you happen to get my books from the google play store... Well I'm not sorry

I use to speak highly about them, but shit just got real difficult. I have no place to post my videos at this time but I'm looking

I got a few options opened to me and as long as it's not google I think I'll be happy
July 25 2022 - Updated Release Information
Darkness Inside & 13 Reasons Why You Lie
Are now listed on Draft2Digital / Books2Read
I linked them up and I even added the google play links on the same site
July 24 2022 - Two More Releases To Draft2Digital
Darkness Inside & 13 Reasons Why You Lie
have been pulled from Smashwords (low download count) and transferred to Draft2Digital
We'll let you know when the distribution begins
July 24 2022 - Ken Squires Gaming
I decided to scrap all my gaming videos and start fresh, for those who haven't gone over to see it I even did up a nice new logo for my gaming channel
ken squires gaming
The logo is now on both my twitch and youtube channels
July 22 2022 - Random Thought
I've had the thought for a while of when I release a book to throw a random number after it like "Insert Title 2" but nothing long like "Insert Title 203004" the reason for the short number is to make people think that it's a sequel to something else when in fact I just felt like throwing a random number at the end of it.
July 22 2022 - YouTube Idea
Had a random thought over the last few nights of having dedicated channels for stuff. Yeah this should be interesting especially if you know me and know how frequently I change my mind and try new things. Rather than have one channel which can apparently hinder me from getting noticed since it's hard to market one channel for everything, as something is bound to loose. So I can only upload X many videos a day and my gaming channel is already at that max upload. The first bunch of clips are really small because they weren't me streaming. Well I guess I'm in this change for the long haul, as I said before if you know me and how frequently I try random shit then you'll no doubt see various youtube channels pop up.

This also means I can pull out the good ole paint shop pro and create me a new logo one for dedicated gaming

This also means that I can easily create a few new channels... You know one for music and one for my old podcast which I very well may do... Time will tell

Decided to change up the graphics for my twitch channel to match my youtube gaming channel, I also now have a YouTube Music channel (link on left) if I create any music in the future I may just do videos for it and toss it on this channel because in all honesty no matter what at this time I won't be making any sort of coin off of it.

With just recently making a YouTube Music channel (channel dedicated for my music creations) I wouldn't be surprised if I did one for my Podcasts. I use to have my podcast hosted wtih AnchorFM and while that site gives distribution, I don't think people go searching for podcasts the way they use to at one point as I think YouTube has became a one stop shop for everything video and audio. Now the first I think 13 or 14 episodes of my podcast which I haven't done a new one in quite sometime (close to a year or longer) would be just audio so I would no doubt have the logo as the background in order to make a video out of it. But who knows maybe in the future I may get back into Podcasting and do the video version so you can not just see me but hear me too!
As I said this is just a random thought that I had, the first step would be creating a dedicated podcast YouTube site. I'm not going to say that it's never going to happen things just have to fall into place for it to do so, who knows it may fall into place tonight I don't know.
I know YouTube and every other video service (unless you spend coin) limits your uploading so while my Music channel is all setup since I have it setup to drop six videos over the next two days then at this time it'll just become dormant unless I create another video.
However my YouTube gaming channel has hit the max video uploads so I'm waiting for them to wave that, the max count is anywhere from 10-15 it depends on a variety of things, they stopped me at 10. I have a shitload of gaming videos to put online right now most of what I currently have on my hard drive are videos that are less than 30seconds in length so I doubt they are really getting views as I debated about just deleting everything I have at this point and starting from scratch or carrying everything over from the previous channel. I like the carry things over so I have a huge selection of videos, however that may not be the case I may end up just scrapping all the current videos and focus on the new stuff since I can see this taking a long time to accomplish. I can always just sprinkle in some of the older ones randomly because I don't know if I really want to take ten plus days to upload everything.

For the record I currently have 33 videos on my computer to be uploaded, all of which are short videos (under 30seconds)

Looking at my videos, none of my shorts got any great amount of views so I'm scrapping them and just focusing on my twitch streams. Since video quality is that much better now I may sprinkle in some of the shorts at a later date but I'm 99% sure I'm just going to stick with my twitch stuff right now.. Lets get this shit moved over ASAP
July 20 2022
Getting use to the Books2Read platform, from here on out our future releases will only have that link underneath it as I can add the google link to that site making it a one stop shop for all your ebook needs
July 17 2022 - Releases / Moved From Smashwords to Draft2Digital
As I said in a previous post I decided to release "Life Doesn't Get Better" through Draft2Digital so if your interested where you can pick it up check out the following link to see which stores it's already in:

Life Doesn't Get Better (

It's also on Google Play you can find that link in the navigation

With having a very low read count on Smashwords I decided to pull it and release it through Draft2Digital and if your interested where you can read this:

Fragile World (

It's also on Google Play (link in navigation)

Other releases that I pulled from Smashwords and put on Draft2Digital / Books2Read are:

Pain Isn't Pretty but It Creates Nice Art (

Collection of Free Verse Poetry (

Bee Sides (
July 16 2022
The other change you'll see is right now under writing you see a list of every place that holds my ebooks, that's going to change.

Going forward and as I said in a previous post, by sometime in 2023 all my releases will be with Draft2Digital and that's my focus for publishing from here on out and now I see how they do things so I can easily link to one profile on Draft2Digital's partner site called Books2Read and they will showcase all my releases with them and when you click on that release it will show you where you can get it from with direct links so I can see in the very near future that I'm just going to have two links my Draft2Digital / Books2Read site and the google site listed.

It will be interesting to see how things go with my first release from D2D/B2R

As per usual I'll be sure to let my thoughts flow when I got something to say right here.
July 15 2022 - First Draft2Digital Release Notes
Alright so the process is very easy, I actually found the process with Smashwords to be more difficult.

It gave me more options including direct publishing with Amazon which I decided to Opt-out of (that may change in the future) as for libraries I had to set a price for them which I was surprised at since Smashwords allowed to do them for free. But I set those prices at $0.99 (similar to what I would do with Amazon if I went with them)

Once the release is out in public, we'll see how everything goes and I'll be sure to post the cover and links.

I have had the thought of doing a few specialty listings like combining certain series into one book. But at this time I haven't decided, actually I doubt I will since my Smashwords catalogue will end up getting transferred over in the new year. Also while I think of it, I have another release I can post up as well that I also pulled from Smashwords, but we'll see how things go.