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June 22 2022
Joined Soundcloud, also added my latest album to the right of the site under latest book
June 17 2022
Sometime after the 27th of last month I went back to streaming at 1080 for my videos.
May 27 2022
Since I've been playing on Twitch more, I've gotten smarter after this last upload and I turned off the in-game music. Since 99% of my stuff would get flagged by YouTube cause I've been manually uploading it to YouTube myself and I've had to mute the videos otherwise they get flagged
May 25 2022
Changed the navigation back to the basic side menu.
No doubt the rest of my sites will follow the same.
May 24 2022
Guess whose on TWITCH?
Yup, it's yours truly who will be streaming randomly on TWITCH, why do I say randomly? cause honestly I have no idea when I'll be doing it at this time... Sometimes I will do it a bunch through a day sometimes I'll take time off, I have no set schedule I'm just seeing how things are right now before I dive into it completely.

On top of that, I planned for a multi-hour stream today, although I'm not going to tell you what the stream was. But it was very dependent on how I slept last night. I did not sleep well last night so I'm holding off on doing any big streams today. You may get some random ones through the day but even that I haven't decided. We will see how the time goes.

Yes I know I had a different site, but once again the people behind Publii I guess are jealous so I removed it and went back to my own created site... I'll be staying with this one cause I don't have to worry about nagging hissy fits from people or companies.
May 19 2022
Music and Podcast sections are back
May 1 2022
Seen it last night / early this morning that RAP - Rhyme And Poetry on Google Play Books has hit 200 downloads

If you downloaded it and your reading this, a HUGE THANK YOU for getting the number that high.
April 28 2022
It took over a week but SAD has now been distributed
April 17 2022
Just did a run through of all the sites I distribute through now, everything is up to date so I'm sure in the next 12/24 hours I'll get SAD posted and set for distribution asap

Alright so I'm back on Smashwords my distributor of choice, I figure if I'm just going to list everything for free.. Why not just get it out for the masses to read it
With that being said.. SAD
hasn't been posted on smashwords as of yet, just yesterday (April 16) and rather late in my time zone everything I had just got approved that I had already had with Smashwords so I wanted to give it a day or so to swim through everything before I post SAD
I wonder if the watching my numbers jump will make my want to write more ?.. Guess time will tell... Oh I'm also on Apple Books I just can't post the link, it's considered "forbidden" with my free hosting company
April 8 2022
If you write for the people, you might as well push that out of your head right now.. Being independent if you, me or any of us walked away in a second and removed our stuff nobody would care.
The moment you start asking for money nobody cares about you. If you gave away everything for f ree, that's the only reason why they would read what you write because it's free.
They will also criticize every little bit of writing you do since they think they have the right to do so. They also have the right to pay for it to help support you, even though they won't.
April 7 2022
Well here goes nothing, first ebook released in 2022 plus the first release with no distribution where as everything else had distribution up to this point
Links are on the side for where you can get it
April 6 2022
I was trying to setup my stuff with  iBooks (Apple) although I learned that I need a distributor to post with them so I'll be passing on that. I've also learned in order to distribute with iBooks I need a mac laptop which I don't have

Some may think I'm dumb to drop the distributor but in all honesty I've made more money with Google Play Books then with a distributor.. I've even made more money with Google Play Books than with Amazon
which is why I'll always do my best to stay with Google Play Books.
As for Kobo, always been a fan

By the looks of it, everything else needs a distributor, but I'm fine with that. Right now I have zero interest with using one since I've learned that having one doesn't always pay off.
Some people may think that having one will bring in more money, but the reality is for me as I said above Google Play Books has been the site that brought in most of my money and by most I mean easily 90-95% of it

I'm not a big fan of subscription sites (sites that offer a plus version via paid plan) cause someone like myself (a writer) makes no money or pennies from it.. Which is why I like Google Play they don't have that, plus on Kobo they allow one to opt out of it unlike some sites (Amazon) that force you to be apart of it.. If it came down to one site for me to post on, I would stick with Google Play.. But I also have payhip too, but that one is really new to me.
April 4 2022
Got doing some thinking today, I'm going to relist all my titles that I have released on Google Play as well as Kobo since I had previous setup over a hundred titles on Kobo which means they will say "smashwords edition" on the copyright page as I'm just going to put them up for sale as is. As for payhip, it will only get new titles from here on out, I'm not going to put the time in to upload all the older titles, I just don't have that sort of patience anymore.

So to sum this up, right now Kobo will just have 154 older titles from my archives and anything new
Google Play will have my entire archives plus all that's new
Payhip just the 3 from the archives and anything new

If I have a series on Kobo that I have started but I don't have newer ebooks online, I will add the newer ebooks at a later date

All this will take time cause I'm a one man team, nothing will be edited as I said cause that is just too much work.

As of 2am everything that was on both sites should be live in the next 12-24 hours
I even completed Neighbourhood Stalker on Kobo since it had the first three of the series
April 3 2022
As said in previous post, I'm no longer signing up for distribution I will distribute my stuff to places I see fit and manage every little thing myself since distribution companies seem kind of shady.

So the second handshake I give is to.. Kobo

So far I'm working on having two books listed as they are my most popular:
13 Reasons Why You Lie
RAP - Rhyme and Poetry

I think that's all the old stuff I will add, anything else will be newly released
April 2 2022
As said in previous post, I'm no longer signing up for distribution I will distribute my stuff to places I see fit and manage every little thing myself since distribution companies seem kind of shady.

So the first handshake I give is to.. Google Play Books

So far I only have two books listed as they are my most popular:
13 Reasons Why You Lie
RAP - Rhyme and Poetry

I think that's all the old stuff I will add, anything else will be newly released
April 1 2022
I mentioned back at the beginning of March that Smashwords and Draft2Digital merged together and is now one company. Which at first I was happy, I thought more distribution.

Until I started to wade into those waters and started to think for myself, when I first signed up with Smashwords you can see which of it's distributor would sell your ebook (even if it was for free it was still considered a sale) One of the biggest companies that was always high ranking on this sellers market was Kobo ... Kobo is a massive ebook website and it's no doubt just as big as Amazon if not bigger when it comes to ebooks.

Well the numbers from kobo vanished, it went from always showing numbers to now never showing numbers which to me made me wonder a whole lot.. 

It made me wonder so much so that I pulled all of my releases from everything, I'm no longer on Amazon or Google Play or Smashwords and within seven days or so I'll no longer will be on kobo.

I have decided to take it upon myself to do all the shaking of hands myself, and while I'm independent I can freely come and go where I please since I'm not tied to any company so I will choose who gets my stuff and I won't be using a distributor

While I have over 200 ebooks that I can distribute, I won't be distributing them all from minute one and now things will be heavily modified not to showcase the smashwords name